Whats New and Improved on the Web-Shop

At the end of June 2013 EBC Brakes has made an investment in this web-shop which we hope will improve your experience.

  1. Clear Basket added
  2. Contact Form
    • If the number plate lookup returns no parts you may now jump to the contact form where the Make and Model will be filled in for you. When submitted your query will then be sent to our Technical team who will investigate for you.
    • General, Account or Part queries may be made using this form and are directed to the relevant department
  3. Help pages added
  4. Browser Compatibility
    Some customers reported issues with the latest Internet Explorer 10. We have added code to fix this. If you have a problem please report it using the contact form. Also there is a separate help form to work around the issue for now.
  5. If a vehicle number plate lookup returned no parts we now record this and will investigate and intend to update our catalogue. We DO NOT store your number plate entry.
  6. *** NEW *** EBC Prototype Online Catalogue
    Useful if the number plate lookup is not relevant and would like to lookup your parts.
    This is new to us, so please provide feedback either through the Trade web-shop or if you are a member of the public then please use the main web-site contact form